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Pixelmon Update!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Pixelmon
posted Thu at 11:38
Hey all you Poke Nuggets! Our Pixelmon server is now updated to Pixelmon v3.3.6 which you can download by clicking here. This update includes many bug fixes and features, but most impoyrtantly, it adds 3 Brand New Legendary Pokemon to the game: Entei, Raikou, and Suicune!

So good luck to all our trainers on locating these Legendary Beasts!

In other news, Skyblock has been completely revamped and reset with a brand new Skyblock Plugin. So if you enjoy a fun building/survival challenge, check out skyblock and have some fun!

We hope everyone is having an awesome winter holiday this year, as Kaioko and I have been busy with preparing Survival 5.0 for it's big release, and we are getting closer and closer, so keep an eye on the news here for updates! Love you guys and gals! <3

- Spaz

FluffySun It popped up this time! now I just need to figure out where these guys all spawn! ...

Phase 2 Incoming!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Pixelmon
posted Dec 8, 14
Heya everyone, all the main AWNW servers will be offline for 30-60 minutes while I attempt to update all our servers to Minecraft 1.8! If you recall my last news post (Down below), this will be Phase 2 on the list, so it is NOT a new map for any of the servers, just updating to 1.8, and a crucial step to the last couple phases.

Hopefully everything will go well, and the update goes smoothly, and I will update this news post informing everyone to update their clients to Minecraft 1.8.1! Then we can begin bug testing all the new fancy 1.8 features, etc.

We are back online, and we had a nearly smooth transition! Survival, Skyblock, and Creative are online and running 1.8 very smoothly, although Hardmode hit some speed bumps and are offline until further notice. Please post any bugs/issues you find in our Bug Report Thread as well, thanks everyone!

We are now in Phase 2 officially, and Kaioko and I are working on Phase 3 (Building Survival 5.0 and features) so we hope to have more info on that coming soon! It's going to be awesome!

Note: This does not affect Pixelmon.

- Spaz

punisherfrosty cant wait for it!!!
van_Duyse Is there anything i can do to help speed up work for Phase 3?
GoldenDogSqueeze Even as staff we know quite a bit but what we do know for sure that trumps everything is that Kai and Spaz are amazing p ...
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