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Updates and such

SpaZMonKeY777 posted Fri at 2:11
Heya everyone, I thought I would give everyone some updates on what has been happening this month and what our plans are for the future and beyond! I'll try and keep it brief  :P

So we are quite aware of what has happened with Bukkit, and we are aware that Microsoft has bought Mojang/Minecraft. What does this mean for AWNW? Currently it just means there is a big delay in when we can updated to 1.8 and that means a delay in when Survival will reset for v5.0. Which is rather a big bummer as we had lots of plans for 1.8 and beyond. There is a new bukkit-replacement project in the works though called Sponge, so feel free to check it out and give it support. It could be our gateway into getting 1.8 with plugins, etc.

So what are currently working on? Pixelmon!!! We had a speed bump in our building of spawn, but we are back on track and getting done as fast as we can. Once we are done building, we should have a grand opening date of the Pixelmon server for everyone at AWNW! We know the main servers have been low population for a bit now, but that's because everyone was really waiting for 1.8 and a new map, so we hope Pixelmon will be a big fun release while we wait for all that.

AWNW will not be going anywhere, and we will keep going and going! So keep an eye out for updates on the Pixelmon release, and hopefully some updates on when we can update to 1.8 as well! We love you guys!

- Spaz & Kai

TachibanaTenshi You can count on me trying out the Pixelmon server when that comes up! I've gotten really addicted to catching Pokemon l ...
Cynder_Man I'm really impressed with your will (determination/fiery passion (?)) to keep this server running. Thank you for that. I ...
Athalon Thanks for the update. You all do a great job with this server.
Hey everyone! September is here, and that means we have winners for our August Monthly Voting Contest! It was a really close race, but we had a clear top 3 voters, so here they are:

armon101 - 124 votes
spaceship9000 - 123 votes
Annastaysha - 123 votes

Good luck to everyone voting in September, and remember that all top 3 voters receive a $25 Rank Shop Gift Code for winning each month! Thanks to everyone who supports AWNW by voting!

In other news, Minecraft 1.8 will be coming out this Tuesday (Sept. 2nd) and we are excited! Naturally we will NOT be updated right away, although we have plans to make it so 1.8 clients can connect to AWNW fairly quickly, otherwise we recommend not updating right away. We have no ETA on when our servers will be updated to 1.8 because we have to wait on Bukkit and our plugins to be updated before we can do any updates. I will make more announcements when we get closer to being able to update to 1.8, and we will introduce new blocks/items via spawn/shops for the servers  :)

And for those curious, Survival will NOT reset when we update to 1.8, but rather sometime after we are updated. We have lots of big plans for Survival v5.0, and we are SUPER excited about getting updated so we can start working on getting a date for 5.0! So stay tuned for that!

- Spaz

darkcloyd bukkit isn't dfead:/ mojang promised to released 1.8 on bukkit even with the resignations.
Woogga Voted! Any plans on what to do since it looks like Bukkit is dead?
Deadly_Foam Is there an ETA on when exactly the survival world will reset for 1.8?
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